Hi, my name’s Erica. Here’s my pitch:

And a for-the-lulz picture of me & my fiance being poor-shamed with a $10 gift card.

And a for-the-lulz picture of me & my fiance being poor-shamed with a $10 gift card.

This website will not shame you for shopping at Wal-Mart, because this website is written from the perspective of what it’s like when Wal-Mart is one of two grocery options (and the other is Kroger so big fucking difference).

In 2011, I moved from left-wing DIY-tastic Madison, Wisconsin to rural right-wing Scottsburg, Indiana, about an hour North of Louisville, Kentucky. I saw a dramatic cultural difference: in Madison, even though people had the means to afford farmer’s market produce, many people still chose to grow their own food. In contrast, I met many people around the Kentuckiana Metro who’d bemoan, “But I only have enough money to eat at Taco Bell!” What I noticed was not that affluence is your ticket to finer living; it was that culture is what influences people’s actions.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve become sick of people using poverty as an excuse to not eat & live better. This website seeks to offer tips on quality domestics–good food, cool-looking house stuff, etc.–with an emphasis on low-cost and secondhand resources. Here are some examples:

  • Dank meals made from store-brand ingredients, prepared to freeze & reheat and make food stamps count.
  • Cool housewares made from secondhand goods, dollar store things, and stuff you would’ve thrown away anyway.
  • How to dumpster-dive for yourself like a pro. (Wonder why it’s illegal to take things that would be otherwise wasted?)
  • Products & ingredients worth saving for and investing in, how they’ll save you money, and where to find them for less than $50.
  • Et cetera!

Fuck a corporation which tries to sell you the mentality that you’re “too poor” for anything but their product. If you want to make a nice life for yourself, you totally can, no matter what you’re told & sold otherwise.


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