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Recipe: Palak butter chicken

Published March 9, 2013 by Monty


Back up in Madison, I was spoiled blessed to live in a metro area with nearly a dozen various Indian food buffets. Muncie only has one Indian buffet, and it kind of sucks (sorry but it does). To satisfy my addiction to Eastern cuisine, I needed to learn how to make my own Indian food–and I needed to do it on the cheap, so that my fiance & I could have lots of leftovers.

This recipe uses garam masala. Muncie thankfully has an awesome Indian grocery. Search for an Indian/Eastern/ethnic grocery in your area, or find an online vendor that can ship you some. Garam masala can also be somewhat expensive; I’ll return to the subject of buying spices at a later date, because saving $30-50 every so often and buying spices is a great way to make your food stamps last without having to eat slop-flavored slop. This recipe also calls for a food processor, which is another awesome $30-50 investment that can save you a bunch of time and clean-up, but a good ol’-fashioned knife works fine too.

Palak butter chicken is a spinach-based spicier dish best served with basmati rice, which goes for $4 a pound at your local Wal-Mart. By using store-brand canned ingredients, and bulk frozen chicken, this recipe can feed six people for a total of $10-15.

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